One of the main areas of activity of the "BAUTECH" company is the production of metal structures. We are ready to provide high-quality services in the manufacture of custom-made metal structures for various purposes and complexity. These can be products and structures of standard and non-standard shapes and sizes.

The use of metal structures in the construction not only significantly speeds up the construction of the building, but in some cases it allows you to do without a foundation due to the small weight of the load-bearing elements and, accordingly, the weight reduction of the entire structure.

Also, our company is engaged in the production of various welded structures and products, including for trade, industrial and individual equipment: railings, stairs, canopies, visors, etc., including according to the sketches and drawings of the Customer.

Specialists of the "BAUTECH" company will also manufacture to order, including the following products and metal structures:

- welded beams;
- bearing columns;
- floor beams;
- bolts;
- stair marches;
- fence rail;
- production sites;
- construction prefabricated scaffolding.