HISTORY OF THE COMPANY: PRIVATE ENTERPRISE "BAUTECH" was established in 2002. Over the years of its activity, the company has accumulated rich experience in the construction of objects of various categories of complexity. The high qualification of the company's personnel and material and technical equipment allowed our company to repeatedly act in construction projects not only as a subcontractor at individual stages of work, but also as a general contractor. The company's track record includes the construction of completely new objects of various purposes, as well as the reconstruction of existing objects of the highest categories of complexity.

The company "BAUTECH" is one of the first in Ukraine, which began to widely apply the technology of frame construction in the construction of new objects and reconstruction of existing buildings and structures. And for a long time of its use in its activities, the company was able to form a team of professionals capable of quickly and efficiently solving any construction tasks. Therefore, we can safely say that our company is not only the pioneer of frame construction technology in the construction services market of Ukraine, but also one of the leaders in this field in Ukraine.

THE MISSION OF THE COMPANY – is to create a high-quality final construction product that fully meets the plans and expectations of the Customers, using modern construction materials and technologies.


- responsibility to the customer;
- quality control of used materials and performed works;
- implementation of modern effective construction technologies at all stages of construction;
- professionalism and high qualification of the company's personnel;
- impeccable business reputation over many years of activity;
- social responsibility.


- construction of objects of any purpose and different levels of complexity;
- Fast frame construction;
- Reconstruction of existing buildings and structures of any level of complexity, including monuments of architecture and cultural heritage.


Project manager

Valeriy Eremenko

Head of VTV

Voznyakovska Olga


Ludmila Buyarova

Head of the logistics department

Chorniy Vitaliy

Head of precincts

Anakin Andriy

Chief engineer

Krasnopolsky Vadim
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The BAUTECH company is ready to cooperate in all areas of the construction industry with any interested parties, both legal and physical, with investors and developers, for which we are happy to offer the widest range of construction services.

Over the years of our company's activity, a team of highly qualified professionals was formed, which is ready to solve construction tasks of any complexity category.

Our company is one of the first in Ukraine to use frame technology in the construction of new and reconstruction of existing facilities. And over the years of its activity, the company has accumulated rich experience in the application of this technology, as well as in the use of materials for this technology.

The project managers of our company have extensive experience in the construction of objects of various purposes and categories of complexity. Engineering and technical personnel regularly undergo training aimed at improving their qualifications.

Material and technical equipment of our company allows it to ensure financial stability and stability.

We adhere to the principle of partnership with all participants in the construction process, which allows us to minimize commercial and technical risks, take into account the interests of all parties.